Tokyo University of Science
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Science and Technology

Department overview

Research areas
Mechanical Engineering is a discipline that supports the overall science and technology. There are a wide array of research themes that the discipline encompasses, such as heat and fluid phenomenon in the cosmic environment, microfluid mechanics, spaceplane materials, materials fracture mechanics, mechanical processing and nano technology, automated control and robot, as well as pollution minimum combustion, etc.

Department characteristics
Human beings live under the influence of the natural environment, the cosmic environment, and the advanced technologies created by man him self. Mechanical Engineering, as an academic discipline, possesses an intimate relationship not only with humans, but also environments. Research studies conducted at the laboratories of the Department of Mechanical Engineering embrace a large variety of aspects; capabilities cultivated at the Department provide expertise found useful in any realm of the business community.

Stages of learning
It is crucial for students of Mechanical Engineering to possess a broad rage of knowledge and experience, as well as cultivate a deep understanding of the natural environment. With the motto of the harmonization of the natural environment, human race, and technology in mind, the Department of Mechanical Engineering provides education and research opportunities that help foster engineers and researchers to resiliently respond to future needs including even those affecting cosmic environments. With the support of top-flight internationally renowned faculty members, students are able to acquire education in a setting abundant with nature. Students take courses in fundamental mechanical engineering, mechanical engineering experiment, computer exercise, mechanical design, technical drawing, etc. by the third year. Thereafter, in the fourth year, each student selects his choice of laboratory. Graduation work is done in small group settings, under the direct guidance of an instructor, and offers various research themes, making the best of the unique quality of Mechanical Engineering that encompasses links with the most advanced scientific study of numerous fields.

After graduation

Graduate school
Graduate school of Tokyo University of Science: Approx. 60
Schools of other universities: Approx. 10

Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, IHI, Toshiba, Hitachi, JR, Sony, Cannon, JAXA to name a few
(There are a few times more employment offers than our enrollment limit each year)


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