Tokyo University of Science
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Science and Technology


Laboratories of applied mechanics

Ueno laboratory

Staff: Ichiro UENOKizuku KUROSE
Area of expertise: Thermofluid dynamics, Heat-transfer engineering

Okada laboratory

Staff: Hiroshi OKADAYuto OTOGURO
Area of expertise: Computational fracture mechanics, Computational bio-mechanics

Takahashi laboratory

Staff: Akiyuki TAKAHASHI
Area of expertise: Computational mechanics, Materials science, Materials strength

Tsukahara laboratory

Staff: Takahiro TSUKAHARA
Area of expertise: Computational fluid dynamics, Heat-transfer engineering, Turbulence dynamics

Matsuzaki laboratory

Staff: Ryosuke MATSUZAKI
Area of expertise: Composite materials, Smart materials and structures

Asakura laboratory

Staff: Takumi ASAKURA
Area of expertise: Vibration engineering, Applied acoustics, Architectural acoustics

Muraoka laboratory

Staff: Masahiro MURAOKA
Area of expertise: Fluid dynamics, Multiphase flow

Laboratories of mechano-informatics

Takemura laboratory

Staff: Hiroshi TAKEMURAMasataka YAMAMOTO
Area of expertise: Biomechatronics, Robotics, Human modeling, Mechatronics

Noguchi laboratory

Staff: Shoji NOGUCHI
Area of expertise: Rolling bearing engineering, Tribology, Machine elements, Fine measuring

Hayase laboratory

Staff: Masanori HAYASE
Area of expertise: Microfabrication, MEMS

Mizoguchi laboratory

Staff: Hiroshi MIZOGUCHI
Area of expertise: Mechatronics, Intelligent mechanics, Mechatro-infomatics, Robotics

Laboratories of aerospace engineering

Ogasawara laboratory

Area of expertise: Aerospace engineering, High speed aerodynamics

Ogihara laboratory

Staff: Shinji OGIHARA, Mohammad Fikry
Area of expertise: Composite materials, Mechanical materials

Yonemoto laboratory

Staff: Koichi YONEMOTOTakahiro FUJIKAWA
Area of expertise: Aerospace engineering