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Tokyo University of Science
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Science and Technology

Ueno laboratory

Snapshots of research work and laboratory
At a seminar camp At the 2005 JASMAC At a volleyball championship
Bubble behavior under ultrasonic vibration Tears of wine and particle motion Nano droplet traveling on solid surfae with nano-scale surface roughness

Area of expertise
Thermofluid dynamics
Heat-transfer engineering

Research theme
Dynamics of fluid in vicinity of contact line
Tears of Wine
Coffee stain problem
Droplet bearing
Dynamics of nano droplet
Pattern formation during solidification process
Bubble behavior under ultrasonic vibration
Growth and collapse process of vapor bubble with condensation

Laboratory profile
This lab revolves around the following two major themes, with a focus on interfacial thermodynamics; the first is Motion of Fluid on Migratory and Mutational Surfaces; and the other one is Particle Motion in Finite Water Area with Free Surface.
The former theme entails fluid handling technology in microscopic and minimal gravity environment with attention to familiar physical phenomena such as fluid motion on the solid surface and bubble and vapor bubble motion in fluid. A vast variety of applications of this technology are anticipated, from thermofluid engineering, i.e. coating, crystal growth, and high performance heat exchanger, to bioengineering that offers ecology control vital for long-term stay in peculiar environment, such as space and abyssal ocean.
The latter research field holds potential for a broad range of applications that encompass thermal engineering, electronic engineering, and biochemistry/bioengineering, including familiar instances such as coffee and water stains on cups and dished, or more technical conditions as high quality electron element formation by inkjet, protein crystallization, higher quality and acceleration of inspection process for new drags and water. The research goal is made up of the establishment of particulate transport and motion control technologies.

Instractor: Ichiro UENOKizuku KUROSE