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Tokyo University of Science
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Science and Technology

Ogihara laboratory

Snapshots of research work and laboratory
At the laboratory Experiment SEM image of fracture surface of fiber-reinforced composite material

Area of expertise
Composite materials
Mechanical materials

Research theme
Interface strength evaluation of composite materials using cruciform specimens
Fiber/matrix interfacial debonding characterization using a model composite with single or multiple fibers
Evaluation of the tensile strength and the damage behavior for notched CFRP laminates
Effect of ply thickness on mechanical property of CFRP symmetric angle-ply laminates
Influence of loading rate of plastic and composite materials on their mechanical response
TEffect of fiber discontinuity on the mechanical properties in fiber reinforced composite laminates
Titanium/CFRP fibre-metal laminates for improving reliability of composite bolted joints
Strength mechanism of composite materials for development of CFRP flywheel systems
Damage behavior of ceramics matrix composites for aircraft engines
Evaluation of mechanical properties for biodegradable plastic and its composite material
Creep deformation behavior of an orthogonal 3-D woven SiC fiber/SiC matrix composite at elevated temperature
Mode I fracture behavior of the CFRP adhesive bonded joint under cryogenic temperature
High-speed projectile impact characteristic against cantilever CFRP laminates
Structural health monitoring technology of composite material structure
Frequency characteristics of ultrasonic response detected by a fiber Bragg grating sensor
Delamination detection method for CFRP based on dispersion change of broadband Lamb waves considering temperature effect

Laboratory profile
The aim is to learn the process of problem-solving through research for MA theses or graduation theses. Valuing the independence of mind and having fun time, research will be conducted. In addition, academic conferences (domestic as well as international) and paper exhibitions will be proactively approached. When we party, we party hard!

Instractor: Shinji OGIHARA