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Project in the laboratory

This is a summary of the projects currently being worked on in our laboratory.
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Development of automatic measurement system of body condition score of cow using deep learning Research of the rehabilitation device in consideration of the
tarsal joint rotation axis
Development of simultaneous measurement device of 6-axis
orthodontic force for quantitative evaluation of orthodontic
A study on gait analysis by continuous animation reproduction of one gait cycle A study on the correlation between ASD characteristics and gait characteristics at the time of passing two people Evaluation method for tibial joint alignment in patients with
Development of an endoscopic device using near infrared light Study on early screening of diabetic neuropathy focusing on
foot sole images
Development of image analysis support software for skeletal
muscle stained images
Device development for realization of puncture light ablation of intratumoral tumor

Cooperation project with external research institute

In our laboratory, we send out students to external institutions and cooperate with their own research.

Evaluation of movement
change associated with
vibration intervention
to free legs
AIST Project AIST Project
AIST Project RIKEN Project

Hiroshi Takemura

Depertment of Mechanical Engineering
Fuculty of Science and Technology
Tokyo University of Science

  • Research on the creature model type of quadruped robots
  • Research on slippery adaptation walking of quadruped robots
  • Breakthrough of the toe function in the walking movement
  • Analysis of walking and movement using external rotation moment of hip joint・Application to humanoid robot
  • Analysis of walking motion focusing on a sole of the foot slip