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About Takemura laboratory

Laboratory overview

Takemura Lab is developing research on measurement, modeling and control of human motion,focusing on Robotics and Biomechanics.
Cooperation with external research institutes is also active, and research and development of medical and welfare apparatas in collaboration with external medical institutions etc. is also in progress.

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About this website

This site shows what kind of research and activities the Takemura laboratory of Tokyo University of Science is doing for those who are interested in biomechanics and the laboratory.

The copyrights of images and text published on this site are in the Takemura laboratory, and we refuse to copy or reprint in any way.

Hiroshi Takemura

Depertment of Mechanical Engineering
Fuculty of Science and Technology
Tokyo University of Science

  • Research on the creature model type of quadruped robots
  • Research on slippery adaptation walking of quadruped robots
  • Breakthrough of the toe function in the walking movement
  • Analysis of walking and movement using external rotation moment of hip joint・Application to humanoid robot
  • Analysis of walking motion focusing on a sole of the foot slip