Biomechanics Research


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Tokyo University of Science
Tokyo University
of Science
It is a university to which our laboratory belongs.
Same-Depertment of
Mechanical Engineering
It is a department to which our laboratory belongs.
Depertment of
Mechanical Engineering
- Mizoguti Laboratory
At this university, we have a close relationship with our laboratory.
Depertment of
Materials Engineering
- Soga Laboratory
The department is different, but it is a laboratory with a lot of handling
such as collaborative research.
Domestic Related Society
Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers It is one of the largest academic groups in Japan, consisting of engineers and researchers involved in machine related technology.
We aim to improve academics among members and return technological achievements to society.
Japan Robotics Society It is a society established with the aim of providing specialists with a place for research presentations and technology exchanges, aiming to advance the academic field of robots.
Japan Society of Biomechanics It is a society established to study the relationship between the form, movement and function of organisms.
It mainly consists of multi-faceted analysis and evaluation and improvement of motion and mechanism using it.
International Related Society
IEEE The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Related Research Institute
Related Laboratory
Nara Institute of Science and
Technology-Robotics course
Bio-Robotics & Human Modeling Lab.
Georgia Institute of Technology

Hiroshi Takemura

Depertment of Mechanical Engineering
Fuculty of Science and Technology
Tokyo University of Science

  • Research on the creature model type quadruped robots
  • Research on slippery adaptation walking of quadruped robots
  • Breakthrough of the toe function in the walking movement
  • Analysis of walking and movement using external rotation moment of hip joint・Application to humanoid robot
  • Analysis of walking motion focusing on a sole of the foot slip