The Dowaki’s laboratory was established on April, 2006. In our laboratory, we study the environmentaintrol friendly energy systems from the viewpoints of analytic system engineering. Especially, we focus on the biomass gasification process of Blue Tower, and the advanced technologies including the derived systems are considered in order to realize them in the domestic areas and/or the foreign countries. For our purpose, we execute the basic chemical experiments, the process simulator (AspenTech etc.) based on the results, the environmental analysis due to LCA methodology, the economic studies and the optimization estimation (GAMS). In addition, we implement the questionnaire for the users in order to become a more functioning system by estimating their behaviors. These studies would contribute to the creation of sustainable business model. Recently, we also make collaboration with companies, public groups and/or foreign organizations, and we try to promote our proposed system in consideration of the keyword of 4E (Energy, Environment, Economic and Education). Finally, we hope that the realization example of successful renewable energy system will be created by our research results.


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