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IMA4 Scope

IMA4 Scope Main objective of the 4th Internationa Marangoni Association Conference (IMA4) is to provide opportunities for scientists and engineers working on interfacial & micro fluid dynamics and processes to exchange their information and ideas, and to renew their friendships.

The IMA started at 'Schloss Rauischholzhausen,' Giessen (Germany) in 2001 organized by Prof. Dr. Schwabe, and successfully followed by IMA2 at Brussels (Belgium) by Dr. Shevtsova in 2004, and IMA3 at Florida (USA) by Prof. Narayanan in 2006.

The IMA4 will be held at Tokyo University of Science (TUS) (Japan) in 2008. This conference will be chaired by Prof. Kawamura, Head of the Research Center for Holistic Computational Science (Holcs) at TUS.

The main themes of this conference are;

+ Interfacial hydrodynamics
(instabilities, thermo- and soluto-capillary hydrodynamics)
+ Interfacial hydrodynamics with micro and mesoscopic aspects
+ Interfacial hydrodynamics in high-performance heat transport
(thermo- and soluto-capillary effects in boiling and heat pipe)
+ Hydrodynamics in material processing

The Conference will be held for 3 days (and a night for preliminary reception). Sessions may be scheduled in the mornings, afternoons, and/or evenings. There will be NO parallel sessions; this is one of the fundamental and traditional principles of the IMA conferences. Breaks between the sessions are included in the regular program to allow small group interactions. All participants can lodge at the conference site except those who want to stay at a city hotel.

Conf. Chair: Professor Hiroshi KAWAMURA
Head of Local Executive Committee: Dr, Ichiro UENO
Dept. Mech. Eng., Fac. Sci. & Tech., Tokyo University of Scinence
2641 Yamazaki,Noda,Chiba 278-8510,JAPAN
IMA4: 21st-23rd Oct. 2008 at Tokyo University of Science
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