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Last update 14th Sept. 2008


Oral Presentations:
  Detail information will be indicated soon.

Poster Presentations:
  If your paper has been accepted as an ORAL presentation, you are also invited to put up a POSTER in addition to your oral talk(s). IMAs have very vibrant poster sessions and we encourage you to present a poster in addition to your talk(s). This is an important way for the audience to learn more about your work.

Poster size:
  Poster is supposed to put a poster board of 950 mm in width and of 1500mm in height. (Participants are recommended to prepare their poster directly onto standard A0 sheet (84.1 cm x 118.9 cm, portrait)). Posters are available not only in the poster session, but also during conf. period. Presenters are requested to stand in front of their poster in the poster session.

Conf. Chair: Professor Hiroshi KAWAMURA
Head of Local Executive Committee: Dr, Ichiro UENO
Dept. Mech. Eng., Fac. Sci. & Tech., Tokyo University of Scinence
2641 Yamazaki,Noda,Chiba 278-8510,JAPAN
IMA4: 21st-23rd Oct. 2008 at Tokyo University of Science
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