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Last update 4th Apr. 2008

Experimental Benchmark

A special session will be devoted to an experimental benchmark test on the onset of instability in thermocapillary flow in a liquid bridge, which is organised by Prof. Valentina Shevstova at Free University of Brussels. The goal of this measurement campaign is to build an experimental database for the mutual comparison of experimental results and for the validation of numerical models.

Please submit your data and despricption in the same way as general papers, although two pages are alllowed for those participating in this benchmark session.

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Conf. Chair: Professor Hiroshi KAWAMURA
Head of Local Executive Committee: Dr, Ichiro UENO
Dept. Mech. Eng., Fac. Sci. & Tech., Tokyo University of Scinence
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IMA4: 21st-23rd Oct. 2008 at Tokyo University of Science
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