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Department of Physics, Faculty of Science and Technology Tokyo University of Science

Welcome to the Suda Laboratory

 Since the emergence of ultrabroadband coherent light sources including femtosecond lasers, the laser have been no more monochromatic light in a broad sense.  Now, ultrabroadband coherent pulses, so-called the white light laser, have been realized. When the spectral phase of an ultrabroadband coherent light is in phase, there are just a few cycles in each pulse. Many studies, using these pulses as probes to investigate ultrafast phenomena on the picosecond and femtosecond timescales, have been conducted. In addition, these lasers have been used as light sources to produce attosecond x-ray pulses.  In our laboratory, we have utilized ultrafast nonlinear optical effects in the research work to generate and control ultrabroadband and ultrashort coherent pulses, as well as using them for the nonlinear optical spectroscopy of fluorescent proteins and multiphoton bioimaging.

To the students

 Multidisciplinary approach to research means that we must have the ability to cooperate with scientists and engineers in various fields, and we can no longer work alone in a single specialist area.  Needless to say, each of us must develop our expertise in our own area. However, in addition, we suggest that students should aim at acquiring a thorough knowledge of the fields related to their own.  For those who wish to become independent researchers in continuing research, we will support them in establishing a basis for this.

What's new

2018. 12.15
Imaging Frontier Center held the IFC Symposium 2018
2018. 12.8
2nd progress report for graduatoin study
2018. 9.19-21
Sakata, Toume and Nishimura presented papers at the 79th JAPS Meeting
2018. 8.31-9.1
Laboratory training camp was held at Kanazawa
2018. 7.29-8.3
Nishimura presented a paper at CLEO-PR 2018
2018. 7.14
1st progress report for graduatoin study
2018. 5.13-18
Toume presented a paper at CLEO 2018
2018. 4.24-27
Toume presented a paper at ALPS 2017 and recieved a Best Student Poster award.
2018. 4.6
New member joined the lab
2018. 3.24
In the 4th Nagareyama Tone-Unga History Marathon, Kamiyama and Sugizawa finished in the 2nd and 3rd places
2018. 3.19
Toume and Nishimura presented papers at the 65th JAPS Meeting
2018. 3.10
Alumni reunion held at Agnes Hotel
2018. 2.24
Workshop of the graduation study
2018. 1.24-26
Sakata, Honda and Nishimura presented papers at the 38th LSJ Meeting