Biological Science and Technology

About Biological Science & Technology

Mission Statement

Biological Science and TechnologyThe mission of the Department of Biological Science and Technology is to elucidate the mechanisms of many biological functions in terms of basic science and produce people who contribute to the better human future.
Using an integrated approach that encompasses biochemistry, genetics, physiology, molecular biology, cell biology and organic chemistry, our faculty studies bacterial and eukaryotic organisms, and mammalian cell systems.
The departmentfs research interests and educational programs are broad enough not only to provide a new insight into biotechnology related to gene engineering and cell engineering, but also to render originality that is closely related to the solution of the problems bearing on human being.
Biological Science and Technology Biological Science and Technology Biological Science and Technology

Faculty & Research

Genichiro ArimuraGenichiro Arimura
Ecology, Molecular Biology
Shigeomi HoritoShigeomi Horito
Carbohydrate Chemistry
Shinichi MiyagawaShinichi Miyagawa
Developmental Biology, Endocrinology, Environmental Science
Yasufumi MurakamiYasufumi Murakami
Genome Biology, Transcription Analysis
Tatsuya NishinoTatsuya Nishino
Chromosome engineering, Protein engineering, Structural biology
Chiharu NishiyamaChiharu Nishiyama
Immunology, Molecular Biology
Eri SegiEri Segi
Biodynamic, Pathophysiology, Neuropharmacology
Hiroaki ShimadaHiroaki Shimada
Plant Molecular Biology, Molecular Breeding
Kiminori ShimizuKiminori Shimizu
Microbial genetics, Genetic engineering, Applied mycology
Mitsunori ShiroishiMitsunori Shiroishi
Protein engineering, Structural biology, Biophysics
Koji TamuraKoji Tamura
Functional Biomolecular Chemistry
Jiro ToshimaJiro Toshima
Molecular Genetics and Cell biology


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