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Invitation to The Third Indo-Japan International Symposium for Overcoming Chronic Intractable Infectious Diseases

Tuberculosis, AIDS, and malaria are three major chronic intractable infectious diseases for which radical cure remedies have not been developed yet. To overcome such intractable infectious diseases that frequently occur in Asia, Japan will convene a co-symposium with India.

* Date/time: December 13 (Mon.) and 14 (Tue.).

* Location: Morito Memorial Hall of the Tokyo University of Science

  • <Address> 4-2-2 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
  • <TEL> 03-5225-1033

* The details of the symposium is preparing.

Down the Kagurazaka Slope about 400 meters from "Iidabashi Station (West Entrance)" of the JR Sobu Line, turn to the right at the corner of Torijaya facing Bishamonten, go to the dead end of the small street (30 meters).