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New Year's Greetings

At the beginning of 2008,

The chief of the Center gives compliments:

A happy new year! The Center for Drug Delivery Research can smoothly start with a fresh feeling. We appreciate your sincere instructions and supports dedicated to us.

The year of 2008 is the final year of the "Hi-tech Research Project" conducted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology ? Japan, which provided the opportunity to let the Center for Drug Delivery Research start. We have continued research mainly for the effective DDS for treating tuberculosis and lung cancer and the DDS for treating non-invasion breast cancer based on "DDS learning from the living body system". As a result, we are able to achieve the results more than expected.

This year, we have to complete all of these issues. Taking "practical application" as the final goal into account, we will do our best.
In last November, we convened "the First Japan-India Co-symposium for Overcoming Chronic Intractable Infectious Diseases". This symposium will be the first step for promoting the effective DDS research for chronic intractable infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, AIDS, and malaria that frequently occur in Asia. In the future, "Asian Organization of Drug Delivery Research (AODDR)".

Your continuous supports will be appreciated.
I wish the year of 2008 will be the year of evolution for you all.

Tokyo University of Science, The Center for Drug Delivery Research
Hiroshi Terada, Chief of the Center