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Goitsuka Labratory
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Staffs & Members

Faculty Member
Ryo Goitsuka, Ph.D., D.V.M. (Professor)

Guest Researchers
Yasuhiro Kawai, Ph.D (Postdoctoral fellow)

Shinya Hidano
Yohei Nakahara
Yousuke Shindo
Tomoko Hirota
Reina Ariki

Research Focus

My laboratory is interested in how appropriate tissue homeostasis is maintained during aging and also after exposure to abnormal conditions such as inflammation, allergy and malignancies. The functions as well as the size and cellular composition of adult tissues are maintained by the regulated balance between cell death and cell renewal through the differentiation of adult tissue stem cells. In many tissues, adult tissue stem cells are recruited to replace tissue lost to natural turnover or during damage. Despite the self-renewal capacity of stem cells, adult tissues stem cells appear to gradually lose the ability to regenerate tissue over time, hallmarks of aging. In stem cell homeostasis, a delicate balance also exists between self-renewal and terminal differentiation, because excessive self-renewal may initiate malignancies, and increased differentiation may lead to premature exhaustion of the stem cell pool. We have focused our attention on a subset of hematopoietic cells with a long life span, mast cells and antigen-experienced plasma cells, because these cells share several characteristics phenotypically and genetically with hematopoietic stem cells. By generating conditional gene-targeting mice, we have begun to explore the function of homeobox transcription factors that are associated with the self-renewal of stem cells in regulating differentiation, survival and maintenance of these long-lived cells.

Current Areas of Research include:

1. Regulation of stem cell homeostasis by Homeodomain transcription factors
2. The mechanisms of signal transduction that induces mast cell development and activation
3. The mechanisms of natural killer (NK) cell activation

Recent Selected Publications

Fujii, Y., Wakahara, S., Nakao, T., Hara, T., Ohtake, H., Komurasaki, T., Kitamura, K., Tatsuno, A., Fujiwara, N., Hozumi, N., Ra, C., Kitamura, D., and Goitsuka, R. 2003. Targeting of MIST to Src-family kinases via SKAP55-SLAP-130 adaptor complex in mast cells. FEBS Letters 540:111-116.

Sasanuma, H., Tatsuno, A., Tsuji, K., Hidano, S., Kitamura, T., Kuno, M., Kitamura, D. and Goitsuka, R. 2004. Transcriptional regulation of SLP-76 family hematopoietic cell adaptor MIST/Clnk by STAT5. Biochem.Biophys.Res.Comm.321:145-153.

Sasanuma, H., Tatsuno, A., Hidano, S., Ohshima, K., Matsuzaki, Y., Hayashi, K., Lowell, C. A., Kitamura, D. and Goitsuka, R.: Dual function for the adaptor MIST in IFN-g production by NK and CD4+NKT cells regulated by the Src-kinase Fgr. Blood 107(9):3647-3655, 2006

Fujiwara N, Hidano S, Mamada H, Ogasawara K, Kitamura D, Cooper MD, Hozumi N, Chen CL, Goitsuka R.: A novel avian homologue of CD72, chB1r, down modulates BCR-mediated activation signals. Int Immunol. 18(5): 775-783, 2006.