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There are various demands on materials from this society. The developments of better materials are always desired and at the same time the technology that evaluates materials is also being developed. The contents of the term ‘materials’ has been changing and is various from hard to soft materials. A living body including the human body is a typical example of the soft materials.

 My researching tool is X-ray especially X-ray optical system. I have been using this tool to evaluate various materials and develop technology to visualize the internal of materials  nondestructively as a subject of my research.

 In order to visualize with a higher precision, it is important to understand the properties of the targeted materials. In addition to that, arranging information that is required and plans to do so are as important. In this few years, I have been making efforts in visualizing the affected parts of human body with clinical application in mind. I am aiming at early detection of breast cancer and early detection of articular cartilage problem.

  So far, in order to visualize things that cannot be seen with the naked eye, new X-ray optical system is required. Differ from the past, by replacing the absorption contrast and using the principle of refraction, it is believed that the imaging ability can be improved. Furthermore, we are proceeding with the development of new algorithm corresponding to refraction contrast in order to get the CT image. The development of algorithm to reduce the radiation exposure dose is also needed. Various hard works are also required to bring it to clinical. I am hoping that I can proceed with all these research together with the students.

 Material science is a very attractive field because it uses the overall knowledge, making a new academic system. Therefore, please have the altitude to study widely and think deeply. 
Aim at ‘Only One’ rather than ‘Number One’

The file below is an important calculation program for kinetic diffraction curve for the research.


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