The content described below is a research based on the development of X-ray dark-field method (2005~2007) by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Exploratory Research and development of sketching soft-tissue with X-ray optical system, High performance two-dimension detector and the refraction algorithm by Scientific Research A. Scientific Research A is developed based on Exploratory Research.

This project is expected to apply 2-D and 3-D X-ray image based on the theory of refraction, a subject of scientific research, widely in clinical application and pathology diagnosis.

2-D application image uses the newly developed X-ray dark-field method. It is suitable for clinical application because of its simplicity in view expansion. X-ray optical system uses Penetration type angle analysis board. Mean while, 3-D medical imaging uses DEI (diffraction enhanced imaging) as the x-ray optical system. With the newly developed algorithm of refraction contrast, the cancerous soft tissue can be sketched at high contrast. Due to the limitation of the viewing area of CCD camera, the sample size is about 3~5mm at the current stage. We are trying to develop a 3-D imaging which is able to sketch at a greater scale of 30mm~40mm before the end of this Grant-in-Aid Scientific Research. Although spatial resolution falls short of sketching depends on staining method, looking at the soft tissue freely without destruction is the greatest advantage. On the other side, we are developing a 3-D viewing method based on low dose of radiation poisoning as it is expected to specify the exact location of cancer at clinical site.

Research result on `diagnosis of breast cancer' introduced by The Mainichi Newspapers (published by the offer of The Mainichi Newspapers)
Research result on `diagnosis of breast cancer' introduced by The Science News Ltd (published by the offer of The Science News Ltd)
Eiko Hashimoto(2007 alumna Dept. Photoscience) & Prof. Masami Ando succeed in "3-D reconstruction and virtual ductoscopy of high-grade ductal carcinoma >in situ of the breast with casting type calcifications using
refraction-based X-ray CT"
Prof. Ando was interviewed by Nihon Keizai Newspapers in Tokyo Headquater
Common Researcher Mr. Ichihara was interviewed by Asahi Newspapers in Nagoya Headquater
Clinical Development Center function diagnosis development department seminar
National Cancer Center East Hospital

Visited Thailand
The 17th Japan Breast Cancer Imaging Workshop
Toshi Center Hall
Photon Factory Workshop
Medical application of Synchrotron Radiation - Path to Pathology diagnosis and Clinical diagnosis
Planning and Lecture
The 20th Annual Metting of Synchrotron Radiation Academic Society
Aiming to develop a new Mammograhy for early detection of breast cancer
Planning and Lecture
Hiroshima International Hall
Year 2006 Technical Staff Symposium
High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
Lecture in Taiwan Synchrotron Radiation Research Center
Attended The First Meeting of Asia Biomedical Imaging in Kyushu University
Attended Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (Ando) Group Meeting (Mr. Uraiwao)
Attended The 7th Latest Information on Breast Cancer Conference in Tateshina
Attended Digital Mammografy Meeting 2006 in Manchester
Attended X-ray Imaging Meeting in Beijing
Attended The 9th Technology of Synchrotron Radiation Device International Meeting in Tegu, Korea
Obtained a position in Tokyo University of Science
Resigned from High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
Joint Lesson in The Fudan University - The Graduate University for Advanced Study
Visited Korea Synchrotron Radiation Research Center and Department of Medicine, Seoul University
Press release on Early Detecting System on Breast Cancer
Awarded in The 27th Japan Society of Applied Physics Thesis Prize
Visited Taichung Museum,
Attending a mini seminar by Taiwan Synchrotron Radiation Research Center
Participated in Young Researcher Visiting Taiwan Project
Attended a Synchrotron Radiation Medical Joint Workshop in Tsukuba
Attended The 4th Utilization of Synchrotron Radiation Medical International Research Meeting in Trieste
Press Release on Joint and Cartilage Diagnostic System
Visited Shanghai, Beijing, Chengjiang, Chendu, YangPingGuan, Xi'an
Intensive Lecture in Tamkang University
Attended The 9th Radiation Physics International Symposium
Visited America Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (Stanford, Berkeley, Argonne, BrookHaven)
Attended The 3rd Utilization of Synchrotron Radiation Medical International Research Meeting (Grenoble)
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